• Saving Upto 60% On Fuel Cost

Air Pellet 36 kW Burner

Air Pellet 36 kW Burner


Alternative heating without gas, namely Pellet Burner AIR Pellet 36 kW is the most promising in development and application for the organization of an economical heating system in your home.

Automatic operation in all modes: ignition, sustain burning, standby and quenching. Ability to work on pellets with a high residual ash content of 5-7%. High environmental performance of heating equipment.

Max. thermal power: 36 kW
Min. thermal power: 9 kW
Power modulation: 5-100%
Supply voltage: 230 V ±10%
50 Hz
Fuel type: Granular pellet
DIN Plus
6-8 mm
Automatic cleaning system: Mechanical
Mobile grate
Outer diameter of the burner filler neck: 65.55 mm
Minimum depression in the furnace: 20 Pa
Noise level: 50 dB (A)
Burner weight: 15.5 kg
Maximum power consumption in the ignition mode: 500 watts
Maximum power consumption during operation: 130 watts
Degree of protection: IP 40